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Are WordPress Websites better for SEO?

We can’t say which technology is better than the other as each technology has its own advantages. But in terms of advantages with SEO, let’s see how WordPress websites are better.

Doing On-Page SEO is easier with WordPress, just because you have plugins that help you without any programming knowledge as well. Plugins Like Yoast SEO helps in optimizing the content to take advantage of some of the key aspects such as – Title, Readability, URL, Meta Tags, XML Sitemaps, Keyword density, Structure, Google analytics, Alt & titles in images, etc.

Reasons to choose WordPress

  • Easy and fast development.
  • Easiest integration of blogs helps in Search engine optimization.
  • Adaptive and Responsive themes are available.
  • SEO plugins are also available such as Yoast which helps in basic SEO activities.
  • Availability of plugins optimizes the website’s performance.
  • Easy dashboard for managing pages, posts, and categories, etc..
  • You can easily change the look of a WordPress website.
  • Backup plugins are available to help you recover if something unintentional happened.
  • Support of WordPress groups and theme creators.
  • Have no experience in coding, You can use pre-made CMS such as WordPress.

When it comes to the development of large size websites, multiple developers can work on the website at the same time. It handles the synchronization of all such changes seamlessly and manages the website updates by each of the contributors automatically. This also means that on a larger project multiple teams or SEO experts can simultaneously work on the SEO part of the website on different segments at the same time.

It is better in the sense that it is much easier to stay on top of your on-page SEO because of the many useful Search engine optimization plug-ins that are available in WordPress.

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