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How Digital Marketing Consulting is Fruitful During Covid-19 Time.

Digital Marketing Consulting.
Digital marketing consulting

The digital marketing consulting has seen a huge growth in the past few years. It has become something that no one of us can ignore.

No matter what we are into!

Everyone, right from small to big entrepreneurs are switching to the digital world. With an ambition to sustain in the long run. Not a single business is left without relying upon digital marketing services for themselves.

But due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, people all over the world have experienced a disruption in their lives also in the digital marketing consulting. There has been an abrupt change in lifestyle for all of us and there are innumerable losses of life across the world.

There are a lot of articles/posts written on this topic and are shared on digital media. But I want to cover some constructive aspects that digital media has gained during this period.

Impact of the Recent Trends on Digital Marketing Consulting:

Let‘s have a look at some of the areas where the digital world is leaving an impact.

Increased traffic on Virtual Classrooms:

During this pandemic, digital marketing consulting & virtual classrooms are experiencing a real breakthrough. As the school closures have been announced, the entire education system is now totally dependent on the online classes.

So the schools, colleges, and other educational institutions are now using various online learning applications for the proper execution of the teaching-learning process. These applications are also providing training to teachers to keep up with the new trend.

Moreover, there is also a rise in the number of people who want to use digital marketing consulting for their business. Also to make optimal use of their time at home. Then there are also professionals who are thinking of upgrading their skills amid lockdown. Udemy is there with a plethora of online courses for all kinds of learners, all at an unbelievably discounted price. They also provide course completion certificates which is another advantage for which they are experiencing a huge boost nowadays.

Clearly, the education system is gradually depending upon the digital world provided by various start-ups, and this is a good sign, indeed!

Work from home concept has been boosted:

With the nation in lockdown, many of us are struggling to do things that we might not have done before. One of the many such things is that we are compelled to work from home to maintain social distancing. This compulsion has changed the world of corporate world completely.

These days most of us have formed a small office in our homes. Be it our bedroom or dining room, the map has already changed. Laptops, headsets, copies, etc. are found in places where TV remote, AC remote and other household things were found earlier.

Employees are always active for hours on skype, video calls, conference calls, etc. and are sincerely doing their part from their homes.

On the other hand, the employee-boss relationship has also been melted, as both of them are working mutually by considering each other’s problems of digital marketing consulting.

Companies are also mindful of the limitations of the home environment and are adjusting with them as well. So this creates a spark of hope in a fear-filled environment. Thus in the future, if the company adopts this new trend then there may be a positive change in the entire work culture.

Another thing is that there are some companies that have emerged with their resources and insights to help the businesses navigate through uncertain times to maintain their continuity. So in the coming future, we may expect a big change in the work culture as businesses are adapting to the new digital services for the execution of their entire work.

Apart from that, these days, companies are also looking for new employees through video interviews. So this has emerged as a new trend in the recruitment process.

As these newly recruited employees have started working from home during this span and will start going to their respective offices once the dust settles.

Work can’t wait, right?

E-commerce platforms are getting a spike in business:

Although initially, due to the outbreak, the online order and delivery of the products were facing some issues. Afterward, it has become a boon for the e-commerce industry with each passing day as more and more people are turning to the digital services.

Due to the lockdown they are compelled to buy goods like grocery items, vegetables, and other essentials from these online platforms.

It has been reported that the e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, Bigbasket, and Grofers have experienced around 30% increase in their daily orders as people are avoiding crowded marketplaces due to the recent outbreak.

So in such an environment where most of the people are working from home, these companies are increasing their manpower to bring convenience to their customers and win their trust.

Digital Entertainment is revamped:

Under this lockdown with around 130 crores, people asked to stay home due to the coronavirus outbreak, the digital entertainment is getting a real boost.

Although for a long time the digital entertainment platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar, etc. will be among people’s favorite picks, these days.

Due to the lockdown, more and more people are inclined to spend their time streaming in these applications. So according to the anticipation of one of the industry insiders, these “digital platforms may end up changing the collective movie-watching experience”.

Social Networking sites have also got a boost up:

Amid this national lockdown, everyone have turned more to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc, to pass their time.

According to a survey, across 1300 people in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai has reported that in a week after the lockdown there is an increase of 87% in the use of social media by Indians.

Now people are spending around 4 hours per day on Facebook, while earlier was an average of 150 minutes per day. The survey has also added that 75% of people were spending more time on these sites compared to the week before.

Apart from that, according to the survey, television, internet browsing, and streaming platforms have also witnessed a rise in viewership. Internet browsing has seen a 72% spike during the first few days of the lockdown.

So in this scenario more and more businesses are leaning on various social media marketing services to leave a virtual footprint at every corner of the world.


So from the above discussion, it is clear that during these days where everything is uncertain, and life is stuck at home due to the Coronavirus lockdown. People are more inclined to extract the boons of the digital world.

Be it education, service, or entertainment, we are making the most out of the digital media to serve our purposes and spend our time. We are all glued to our computers or mobile devices for information and trying to stay connected through social media, which has become our window right now.

And thus the digital platforms are getting revamped every day and they are experiencing several times better traffic than before.

Now let’s hope for better days soon, let’s hope for a renewed future.

Till then stay in, maintain hygiene, and stay safe.

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